A Guide to a More Effective Online Affiliate Marketing Program – Success Factors Defined

Following an online affiliate marketing program can be one of the smartest thing an unsuccessful affiliate marketer can do. Beginner affiliates are always seemingly searching for the wildly successful market that will allow them to earn big commissions. When you combine that desire with the sad fact that many have been falsely mislead into believing affiliate marketing is relatively easy then you have a recipe for frustration. Online affiliate marketing program success leaves clues and we will discuss some of the top affiliate marketing success factors in this article.

Factor #1 – Affiliate Program Selection
It has been our experience that since becoming an affiliate is so easy that many potential affiliate reseller marketers believe this applies to affiliate programs as well. We have determined that there are three key crucial success factors when it comes down to a link between choosing an online affiliate marketing program and being effective:

1) Affiliate Application Process – Does the online affiliate marketing program you are considering using charge a fee for affiliates joining? The idea here is not to join an affiliate program that charges you for the privilege.

2) Affiliate Payment – Make sure you are clear about what is expected of you to get paid. Is the affiliate associate program you are potentially promoting pay you per sale, per click or per subscription?

3) Quality Affiliate Product – Since your name is on the line make sure the products you choose to sale are worth your business time and your customer’s money. You don’t want to have to give back hard earned commissions due to refunds and sacrifice your online reputation in the process. Also keep in mind the long term value (ltv) of your customers and that if you sell them low quality products then they will probably not purchase your “back-end” products in the future. Your prospective affiliate program should also have an effective sales page and optionally provide additional marketing tools.

Factor #2 – E-mail Campaign & Free Reports
Before you get started on your targeted traffic generation program you should create a free report and a 7 – 10 part autoresponder email campaign related to your specific reseller niche business.

The free report will be used to get your targeted traffic to opt-in to your 7-10 part email campaign.The free report needs to have more perceived value to your prospective customers then giving you their contact information is to them. This link can be measured by testing your opt-in conversion rate.

I won’t delve fully into how you should create the email campaign beyond saying your first communication should be an introductory one and your remaining communications should be spaced 2-4 days apart. The idea here is that studies have shown that it usually takes 5-9 exposures on average to a product before a person will purchase it. Once you have gotten a prospective person into your sales funnel then the (ltv) is all about how efficient and effective your different sales systems are.

Factor #3 – Targeted Traffic Generation
After choosing a potentially effective affiliate program to promote the next most critical factor to your online affiliate marketing program is targeted traffic generation. This traffic can be pay-per-click (ppc) or SEO related. Without the right traffic you will make little to no income. However, all traffic is not necessarily good traffic since promoting to the wrong people will yield little to no success. The key idea here is to make sure your traffic’s final destination is relevant to what they were searching for in the first place. Also since the vast majority of your traffic will not purchase from you on there first exposure it’s important for you to have a system in place to capture there contact information so they can become part of your autoresponder e-mail campaign related to this niche.

This article has briefly touched on what I and other successful internet marketers have found to be touchstones of internet marketing success. If you are willing to put the time in and develop each of the ideas presented here to a system that works for you then I am sure you will also find the kind of online success you are looking for. Just keep in mind that a successful online affiliate marketing program starts with the factors listed here.